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Universities compete for funding in a majority of their research, especially in high profile areas. Analysing the funding in certain research areas over a given time can be an arduous task, often involving manual review and significant human resource. Dimensions helps universities better understand the funding awarded to their competitors and also highlights potential collaborations in research areas.

Define research categories

Dimensions for Universities allows institutions to categorise global research funding with their own institution defined terms (e.g. strategic research themes particular to an individual institution). Assigned categorisations can then be customised using easy-to-use filters, helping to narrow results and removing any irrelevant projects. Institutions can save an unlimited number of their category searches for review at a later date and even strengthen the searches with more terms if needed. Institutions can also use standardised categorisation schemes such as RCDC & HRCS, with more being added regularly!

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Make informed decisions about funding

Dimensions uses sophisticated Natural Language Processing to analyse abstracts, keyword and any other related texts to discover relevant projects/grants. Universities can find the answers to otherwise very complex questions in just a matter of clicks. Developed by ÜberResearch in partnership with over 20 international research funders, Dimensions for Universities allows research institutions to analyse information held by some of the worlds leading research funders in an intuitive and digestible format

Generate rich reports and visualisations

The reporting capabilities of Dimensions allow users to define areas of research in great detail. Make use of powerful analytics tools, built-in visualisations and embedded reporting to identify patterns and trends over time. Integrate this information into Elements to enrich publication information and linking.

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Elements integrates with Dimensions

Dimensions integrates with Elements, to enhance research information and linking. Get in touch to find out more!

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Dimensions for universities has been developed by ÜberResearch, a leading software developer for research funding organisations and a portfolio company of Digital Science. ÜberResearch have worked with over 20 development partners (mostly research funders) to build a product that redefines portfolio analysis and planning for science funders.

Combining their expertise in science funding with our own experiences and ever expanding user community, Dimensions will change the way universities analyse their funding.