Adam Wheewall

Adam Wheewall


Systems Administrator
We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit

Adam wears many hats at Symplectic.  He primarily looks after Symplectic’s internal systems: servers, network, infrastructure, etc. But he also gets involved with many other things including client support and installations.

Adam is proud of being a Northerner, even if technically he’s a Midlander; originating from the middle of nowhere on the borders of Notthinghamshire, Lincolnshire and Yorkshire.  He always swore that he’d never move to London; having been down here for eight years, he now swears he’ll never move back.

In his spare time, Adam loves everything outdoors—surf and turf. He’s a qualified sailor, having sailed across the Atlantic amongst other nautical feats. On land you’ll find him doing anything from traction kiting to barefoot running. But you’ll never find him down the gym unless they start building them outside.  Other less energetic activities include being an avid reader, dreaming of becoming a writer, and being slightly weirded-out by writing a profile on the company website about himself in the third person.

Adam is also a keen scholar in the art of conversation, especially when it’s accompanied an alcoholic beverage in a public house designed for such activities.