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Symplectic are proud to announce the release of our brand new tool to help universities better understand the funding landscape: Dimensions .

Funding is an important aspect of a university’s strategy however, navigating grant allocations can be complex and time-consuming. Dimensions uses the data made available by research councils to provide an intuitive way to gain insight and analyse funding opportunities.

With academics and universities often working with colleagues from around the globe, the ability to understand an institution’s strengths and discover potential collaborators has become paramount. Dimensions tackles this need directly by providing innovative, easy-to-understand visualisations of funding trends and collaborations, allowing universities to make data-driven decisions.

Dimensions includes data from the major government funders in the UK, Australia and the US (with more countries planned). Advanced mapping to standardised categorisation schemes allows institutions to look across the global funding landscape and identify collaborators or understand the strengths of comparator institutions. This helps maximise the chance of a successful grant application by allowing universities to determine the best partners for their research.

Dimensions‘ powerful API allows for an easy integration with Research Information Management Systems such as Elements.

Dimensions v1 is available now so get in touch to arrange a free demo and to find out more.