Saying goodbye to our Lead Web Designer, Sabih Ali

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A note from CEO, Jonathan Breeze, to the Symplectic team today:

As many of you will now be aware, today we will say a fond farewell to Sabih Ali, former Marketing Officer (2012-2013), Head of Brand (2014-2016) and of late, Lead Web Designer at Symplectic.

As hinted at his list of official job titles – “Head of Brand” being my personal favourite – Sabih has been a pivotal member of the Symplectic team for a long time and so it seemed inappropriate to let Sabih slope off without me first issuing a slightly gushing email about some of his accomplishments of the last 5 years.

Sabih joined the Symplectic team in 2012 with a brief to “improve our marketing efforts”, which at that point consisted of ‘free pens’ and a website that included a “Latest News” section last updated circa 2010.

Having left the bar deliberately low, there was much to do and Sabih quickly immersed himself in commissioning branding reviews; firing up a company Facebook page; contacting web designers; organising team photo-shoots; scripting animation videos; creating pop-up banners for career fairs; selecting a company font; designing proposal templates and generally doing everything and anything loosely associated with ‘marketing’ the work of the Symplectic team on an international stage.

This was a very exciting time for everyone connected with Symplectic and Sabih not only tapped into the vision of Symplectic’s Founders, but also the enthusiasm and level of care afforded by the rest of the Symplectic team. In doing so, Sabih quickly became indistinguishable from our brand: collaborative, supportive, approachable, hard working, personable and with a passion for getting the job done right.

Roll forward several years and the brand Sabih helped establish continues to attract multiple inbound leads per week via our website (also built by Sabih) and is extolled at our annual user meetings held in Australia, the UK and the US each year.

Having ‘cracked’ marketing, last year Sabih asked if he could further his career in a slightly different direction as a Web Designer, which saw him apply himself to a number of front-end design projects, including our Bootstrapped VIVO theme – now in use at the University of Cambridge – and the ‘Sabihisation’ of the Symplectic Elements icon set in support of W3C accessibility guidelines.

Throughout his time at Symplectic, Sabih’s enthusiasm, good humour and work ethic have helped propel us forward and I have no doubt he will be equally as successful in his next role as Business Development Director at a data consulting start-up in Farringdon.

There will be a small gathering of Symplectic folks in the London office later today at 5pm to wave Sabih on his way. Do drop by if you can, else send your well wishes via a communication channel of your choosing.

Vive la Symplectic!


CEO, Symplectic