Profiles RNS updated to version 2.10.0

Michael Product News

Earlier this month, an update was released for Profiles RNS, the open source research and collaboration platform created by Harvard Catalyst. Known for speeding up the process of finding researchers with specific areas of expertise for collaboration and professional networking, the latest version of PRNS adds further functionality:

This release enhances the Research Activities and Funding module by automatically importing NIH grant data from NIH ExPORTER. (It works in a similar way to the publication disambiguation service.) It also includes a new Live Updates module, which displays recent public changes to users’ profile pages. Finally, this release includes several bug fixes, in particular to handle recent changes in how MEDLINE distributes publication data. – Griffin Weber, inventor of Profiles RNS

As a supporter and registered service provider for Profiles RNS, we welcome this update and look forward to seeing it benefit the research community. You can view the complete release notes and read about the software on the Profiles RNS site.

To find out more about Symplectic’s open profile services, visit our info page.