Analytic Dashboards

One of the most-requested Elements features in recent history is the ability to quickly and easily visualise the large amounts of rich data within the system. As part of Elements v4.16, we released the Analytics module to address these requests.

Embedded analytics of scholarly data

The Analytics Module is an extension of Elements enabling the creation of custom visualisations with large sets of data – without significant technical know-how or advanced training. It provides a suite of interactive dashboards, all accessible from within the Elements interface, that help institutions report on, analyse and visualise the wealth of rich, connected data captured within the system.

Institutions are still free to reuse Elements data for their own reports via the API and Reporting Tools database; but the Analytics module provides them with powerful visualisation capabilities within Elements itself.

Working intuitively with large amounts of scholarly data can often be laborious and time-consuming, but Elements optimises the data necessary for quick and easy manipulation.

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Easily share analysis across an institution

Within a university, important users and consumers of analytics dashboards may of course be less familiar with underlying data and report-creation tools, not adept at actually building dashboards. However, their use of analytics is essential. Any custom-created dashboard may be made available for use by any Elements user within your institution — it may be shared with an individual, a department, school, etc. While “vendor-supplied” analytics may often be fixed, inflexible, or lack sufficient configuration options to meet the specific needs of the institution, department or faculty member, Elements allows you to create exactly what report is required.

Within a university, those who want to make use of analytic dashboards might not be those with expertise in creating them. The Analytics module has therefore been created with the end-user in mind; they can be created and viewed with minimal expertise or technical training. As well as this, any custom-created dashboard may be shared with any Elements user at an institution; an individual, members of a department, or an entire school. Many software companies provide inflexible analytical tools lacking sufficient configuration options. We have developed a tool that our clients can easily configure for themselves, and we are always available to help if needed.

The Analytics module comes with an intuitive, drag-and-drop dashboard designer enabling the creation of custom visualisations using the large datasets captured by Elements. What’s more, this is a cost-effective solution: a single subscription makes this tool available to any number of institutional users.

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Built with the community

Analytics was developed in collaboration with our user community and will continue to be shaped by the input and feedback from our users. We encourage all users to share their opinions and work with us to make this module even more useful and valuable to them.