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Altmetric for Institutions

Monitor, search and report on conversations about an institution’s scholarly articles online

Lilliput University Social Impact Dashboard Example

Getting started

Implementation is a straightforward process, and involves granting API access to Altmetric, so that Altmetric for Institutions can be automatically filled with the relevant Elements data.

All that is required is for an institution’s Elements administrator to:

  1. Open a firewall to provide Altmetric with access to the Elements API.

  2. Provide Altmetric with an Elements API endpoint (v4.6 and above)

Our support site article, How to integrate Altmetric for Institutions with Elements has a more detailed description.

How does the integration work?

Institutional author names

Eliminate the need to export massive files of person data. Element’s API populates all author names to allow any researcher to get log in and get started immediately.

 Organisational structure

Author names are automatically affiliated with their relevant groups and organisational hierarchy to allow for benchmarking and reporting in Altmetric for Institutions.


Using scholarly identifiers (such as DOIs), Altmetric for Institutions will retrieve any attention paid to an institution’s scholarly articles online.

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