Elements Implementation

Working with institutions to incorporate our software into their existing infrastructure, our specialists build an installation and implementation plan specific to each client, and are available for support across every time zone.

Installation Services

Providing project management and technical support, we work closely with IT infrastructure teams to ensure that each Elements instance is reliable and fully functional.

Services include:

  • Full control and access to a standalone Elements instance
  • Full integration with the institution’s authentication system
  • A continuous feed of existing HR data
  • Connectivity with all licensed data sources

Symplectic will also ensure the transfer of knowledge required for replicating an installation on further servers.

Integration Services

Whether it’s bringing in data when migrating from a legacy system, or extracting data out on a regular basis for a live instance, our integrations team is there to assist with all data transfer needs.

This consists of the provision of custom tools and techniques to make the following possible:

  • One-time imports of data, including data cleansing or de-duplication services
  • Continuous feeds from other institutional sources such as a grants management system
  • Integration with an institutional repository system
  • Outbound integrations with profile platforms and other external systems

Our team can provide technical expertise in advising administrative and development staff on how to gain the maximum benefit from Elements’ powerful API and extensive reporting database.

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Orientation & Training

Through the delivery of a programme designed specifically for an institution’s requirements, Symplectic’s experts work closely with functional teams, teaching them everything needed to operate a successful Elements instance.

  • Orientation and configuration training: 1-hour sessions throughout an implementation project, in which our specialists explain and explore key areas of the system for configuration and optimal use.
  • Instance reviews: 30-45 minute sessions at key times during an implementation project, reviewing an institution’s Elements instance, and progress towards its completion.
  • Administrator training: 4-hour sessions. Specific training on the administrative functions and system settings within Elements, intended for those responsible for the day-to-day administration of the system.
  • Train the Trainer: 2-hour session which provides institutional support staff with the knowledge required to train researchers on how to best use Elements.