Evelina Buiciag


Evelina is one of the first members of our Romanian delegation in Iași. As part of the Client Services team, she deals with analysis, project management and oversight of the technical aspects of our clients’ needs.

Both in IT and in life, Evelina struggled to find one thing to define herself, and so became a multi-disciplinary expert. Evelina loves working with C#, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JavaScript and a touch of jQuery as much as she loves designing 2D graphics/animations and handling IT Infrastructure.

Even though she chose a career in IT, Evelina could also work as a seamstress, painter, woodworker, Yoga/Tai Chi teacher, travel blogger, youtube guided meditations creator, author, tattoo artist and  other mechanical / electronic pursuits.

The only struggle I have now, is that I wish a clone/more time/to be immortal. But it’s okay, as one of the tattoos I have says: “I Am that, I Am!”