Harrison Trewhitt


Apparently, I’m a nice guy

Originating from the North East, Harrison has worked his way down the country; studying physics at Warwick and then pursuing a career here in London.

Graduating with a BSc, Harrison decided he wasn’t quite done with student life and went on to study an MSc by research in Carbon Nanomaterials. Happy to have finally thrown out the safety specs and lab coat for a keyboard and an espressso machine, Harrison is looking forward to his adventure into C# and all things object-orientated here at Symplectic. His not-so-inner nerd has been released.

In his spare time, Harrison enjoys picking up heavy things and competes in both weight lifting and power lifting. He is also an avid amateur chef with a penchant for rustic Italian food and an admiration for Antonio Carluccio’s fine physique.

He also has a bit of a man crush on the stand-up comedian Stewart Lee, and wishes he was as funny, but doesn’t think that’s entirely relevant…