Jonathan Breeze


We’re a partner, not a vendor.

Jonathan has over 15 years experience of delivering software to major research institutions and since 2005 has specialized in the design, development and delivery of research information management and networking software.

Appointed as CEO of Symplectic in July 2013, Jonathan is responsible for developing and implementing agreed company goals; the owner of Symplectic product direction; responsible for Symplectic team development and cohesion; and ultimately accountable for the delivery of all Symplectic products and services.

Jonathan is a Director of Symplectic Ltd, represents Symplectic within the Digital Science Discovery and Analytics Group and an active member of the wider research information community.

He joined Symplectic as VP, Development in January 2012 and was the initial driving force behind the company’s adoption of an agile delivery framework which continues to help the team respond positively to the emerging needs of our growing client-base.

Prior to joining Symplectic, Jonathan spent over 10 years working in UK HEIs; including UCL and Imperial College London, where he was also responsible for the  design and delivery of a range of besoke software solutions built to support of both research and teaching activity workflows.